The AirTurn App Guide is an interactive questionnaire to help you find the best BT-105-compatible apps.

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AirTurn's App Guide for Tablets and Computers

AirTurn's App GuideThe AirTurn BT-105 hands free wireless page turner is compatible with a wide variety of apps for the iPad and Android tablets, and works with most document and presentation programs for the Mac and Windows PC. To use this guide, click on the "+" symbols to expand the topics that most closely relate to what you're looking for. The final branches will contain links for more information on the selected apps. Click on the "-" symbols to collapse the branches.

AirTurn TV

April 12, 2014

MyMusicTalk Founder Melvin Llord

in TV by Super User
If you would like to join in on the show with your questions, go to Melvin Qui­nones, als­o known as­ Melvin Ll­ord, is th­e CEO &­; Founder ­of MyMusic­Talk Corpo­ration, on­e of the…

iOS 7 Compatibility Issues

ios7aWe're pleased to inform you that most AirTurn BT-105-compatible apps are working smoothly within iOS 7.  However, there are still a number of apps that haven't been fully updated.  If you are using one of the following apps, we advise either postponing your upgrade to iOS 7 or waiting until the developers of these apps have had a chance to update accordingly:

  • DrumSetlist Manager
  • GuitarTapp Pro (pages turn, but not reliably or correctly at times)
  • MusicPodium for iPad (pages turn, but not reliably or correctly at times)
  • Noteflight
  • SampleWiz
  • Tonara

We will update this list as developers address AirTurn-compatibility issues.