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Media Players

Tempo Metronome for iPad

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Music Notation Readers

Finale SongBook

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Online Sheet Music Readers

iClassical Scores

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PDF Readers

Set List Maker

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Planning Center Projector

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Text Readers

SongBook Chordpro for iOS

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iOS 7 Compatibility Issues

ios7aWe're pleased to inform you that most AirTurn BT-105-compatible apps are working smoothly within iOS 7.  However, there are still a number of apps that haven't been fully updated.  If you are using one of the following apps, we advise either postponing your upgrade to iOS 7 or waiting until the developers of these apps have had a chance to update accordingly:

  • DrumSetlist Manager
  • GuitarTapp Pro (pages turn, but not reliably or correctly at times)
  • MusicPodium for iPad (pages turn, but not reliably or correctly at times)
  • Noteflight
  • SampleWiz
  • Tonara

We will update this list as developers address AirTurn-compatibility issues.